Prelude: "Vignette"

for classical guitar and percussion
duration: 4'
first performance: 18 September 2010; New Music New College, Sarasota, FL; Andrew McKenna Lee, guitar; Michael McCurdy, percussion
availability: unavailable
recording: non-commercial
detailed instrumentation: classical guitar; 1 percussion: vibraphone, bongos, triangle, maraca, guiro

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Prelude: "Vignette" was composed for the inaugural concert of the New Music New College 2010/2011 season. It's a fun and slightly eccentric piece, with virtuosic solos for both the guitar and the percussion amidst contrasting episodes of highly rhythmic rasgueado passages and quieter, almost folk-like moments of repose, somewhat reminiscent of Steve Tibbets' work from the Yr era.