sculpture by Regardt van der Meulen


for chamber ensemble
duration: 8'
first performance: 17 March 2007; BAM Café Live, Brooklyn, NY; NOW Ensemble with Andrew McKenna Lee
availability: for sale
recording: unavailable
detailed instrumentation: fl, bcl, egtr (w/ overdrive and slide), pf, cb

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"'s all part, of my rock n' roll fantasy..."

Please note that the audio recording here is of extremely poor quality, and there is a blanket of distortion over almost everything. Considering the nature of the piece, this is not entirely undesirable, but at times it is difficult to hear the notes for all the static.

Raunch is essentially a chamber rock piece that combines elements of heavy metal, blues, jazz, and even punk within the context of a mixed chamber ensemble. When it was premiered by NOW Ensemble, an extra guitar part was added so that I might perform with the group as a special guest. I have since nixed that extra part, and folded some of its better ideas back into the other guitar part.