photo by Dina Bova

One thought Among ManY

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electro-acoustic music on recorded media
duration: 5'
first performance: NA
availability: audio playback
recording: Solar / Electric (SSR2-2009)
detailed orchestration: electric guitars with slide, delay, phasing, vibrato, reverb, and looping machines


I made One Thought Among Many for my friends Hajoe Moderegger and Franziska Lamprecht, otherwise known as the e-team. A video and multi-disciplinary artist duo, they asked me to write a short piece for use in their project, International Airport Montello. Incidentally, they are also the same friends for whom I made Soundtrack for a Short Western.

Similar to "Soundtrack,"One Thought..." was created in my home studio one day while playing around. I used some ideas that I borrowed from another piece I was working on at the time that involved a lot of electric guitar loops.

Overall, the piece has a dreamy, flying sort of quality about it (not surprising, since it is part of a project about an airport!), but the noisy, ambient quality tends to come into focus once the bass sets in. There is a slow chord progression over and through which a small motive or theme (the thought!) ocassionally careens and meanders. Eventually, it just disintegrates into almost nothing.