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for solo electric guitar
duration: 4' 20"
first performance: 29 January 2012; DROM, New York, NY; Andrew McKenna Lee, guitar
availability: for sale
recording: The Knells (SSR001-2013)


Dying in Waves was conceived as an interlude between two of the larger songs on The Knells, and like so many other works, initially grew out of an improvisation.

Musically,  the piece is a short experiment in applying classical guitar technique to the electric guitar. Although these 2 instruments both have six strings and the same general design concept, they are really 2 completely separate instruments embodying vastly different playing styles, technical approaches, and cultural contexts. 

It would be impossible for me to admit a preference. Instead, I have frequently tried to find common ground between the two, and have actively sought to blur the lines of distinction between them (from my own perspective, at least). This preoccupation has been a constant source of interest and inspiration throughout my artistic life.