photo by Dina Bova

for five players
duration: 5'
first performance: 12 May 2004; Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ; MUS354 with Mark Dresser
availability: download
recording: non-commercial
detailed orchestration: 5 players, instrumentation is flexible

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Crazy Improv Madness was written as an experiment in improvisation, a method of making music in which I have relatively little experience. I started by sketching out in words what I wanted everybody to be doing — descriptions of specific musical textures and moods. After I laid that out, I went on to create a musical score that is mostly graphic notation. The structure of the piece is fairly tightly contained, but the players can (hopefully) find a lot of room within those confines to express themselves as individuals and within the context of the ensemble.

Crazy Improv Madness was performed as part of a course in improvisation, taught by the improv and double bass virtuoso Mark Dresser. It featured myself on classical guitar, Nathan Michel on electric guitar, Alan Tormey on electric guitar, Mark on bass, and Scott Smallwood on steel drum.